Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Beginning of the End

I would just like to say, in writing, officially, that I have completed the most intense ulcer-inducing sanity-stretching semester I've ever experienced. And while I still have to grade a grandiose stack of papers before Christmas, this is the first time in months that I have virtually nothing to think or worry about school-related.

It's an odd phenomenon.

I've yet to experience the euphoria that supposedly comes with the finish of a semester (the girls upstairs blasting the Party Rock Anthem certainly seem to be engrossed in it). Perhaps it'll hit me once I land safely in Long Beach tomorrow. I'll let you know.

But for now I still feel like Frodo at the end of 'Return of the King'. Everyone is doing this:

But I'm still like this:

Maybe if Aragorn came along and told me, "You bow to no one!" I would feel better.

For those of you who care enough, take note: This is the one and only time I'll ever compare myself to a femmie hobbit.

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  1. hahaha I love this. Great job on finishing and please enjoy your time home!!