Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Miserable Update

Despite my rants and ravings, Les Miserables has officially begun filming with a star-studded cast. The fools.

Yet despite my innumerable complaints, I'm getting excited. Like, really excited.

This newly-developed excitement is largely due to the recently released images of Hugh Jackman and Russell Crowe as Valjean and Javert.


I tip my hat to you, Jackman.

I was afraid his smouldering good looks would get in the way, but I think it's evident now that he's drawing on his Wolverine reserves to exude the beastly viciousness Valjean possesses at this point of the story. In fact, this makes me wonder if they're going to draw from the book as well as the musical.

Crowe is equally exciting to behold, but not quite as pleasing.

Oh, Crowe. Why hast thou forsaken the 'burns?

It's possible this is an image from Javert's Toulon prison days when he was a guard and Valjean a prisoner. But the gray in his goatee suggests this is actually from the latter part of the story.

And what's with the cheap felt hat? Oh well. At least the horse is real.

It wasn't until I began looking at these photos that I realized how similar Crowe looks to Philip Quast, the quintessential Javert. Check out this comparison I found:

Not that it matters. I just thought it was cool.

The rest of the cast is as follows:
Thenardier-- Sacha Baron Cohen
Madame Thenardier-- Helena Bonham Carter
Fantine-- Ann Hathaway
Cosette-- Amanda Seyfried
Marius-- Eddie Redmayne
Eponine-- Samantha Barks (played Cosette in the 25th anniversary concert!)
Enjolras-- Aaron Tveit

And guess who's playing the Bishop? Guess! Guess!!!

Colm Wilkinson, folks.

That's right, I totally called it.


Oh, and re-reading that I realized I totally predicted Madame Thenardier too! Perhaps my rants weren't for naught.

It's set to release this December '12, along with The Hobbit. Nerds, unite! Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

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  1. Ann Hathaway and Amanda Seyfried? Really? Very disappointing. I am hoping Hugh Jackman and Russell Crowe will be able to make up for that. I'm sure they will. I'm really looking forward to Aaron Tveit's performance. He has won several awards and is actually very good. I just hope he continues to do well and does not become a typical american heart throb.