Friday, September 2, 2011

Another Miserable Rant

Ann Hathaway has been cast as Fantine.


And you know why? Because she sang a FEW seconds of 'On My Own' at the Oscars this year! That wretched evening of awkward moments and flat jokes we'd all like to forget! I don't doubt she has a good voice, in fact it's fairly decent. But we don't want decent. We want fabulous. Fan-frickin-tabulous!!! And you know who would be perfect? Lea Salonga!

She played Fantine in the Les Miserables 25th Anniversary Concert and she was incredible! I can personally vouch for her now too because I just got back from seeing her in concert! She sang Fantine's 'I Dreamed A Dream' and I nearly peed my pants it was so awe-inspiring. And when she sang Eponine's 'On My Own' the audience flipped out and we gave her a standing ovation! And the show wasn't even over yet! FREAK!

Okay...I'm calming down now. I like Ann Hathaway. I really do. Just not for this.

So far it's looking like the casting directors are shooting for the big stars, but what they need to realize is this movie won't need big stars. It's going to draw in audiences all on it's own.

Here's my ideal casting for a FEW roles:

Jean Valjean-- Alfie Boe or J. Mark McVey

Javert-- Andrew Varela or Andrew Varela

Fantine-- Lea Salonga

And you know what? While she's at it, just have her play Eponine too.

Marius-- Justin Scott Brown or Daniel Radcliffe (actually Radcliffe doesn't have that great of a voice, but with the way things are going I can see him being cast)

Enjolras-- Ramin Karimloo

The Bishop-- Philip Quast or Colm Wilkinson. Or better yet--have them both do it! It will be doubly awesome and highly entertaining. (But in my fantasy world they're still young enough to play Javert and Valjean)

Thenardier-- Paul Bettany (Don't know if he can sing, but he's being considered for Javert so he must...)

What do you think?
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  1. You must not care too much about the Marius role since you mentioned Daniel Radcliffe. I do like your choices Kimmy but you should know Hollywood by now....big names draw audiences and big audiences mean more dinero...The only thing that matters in the end...

  2. russel crowe is playing javert and hugh jackman is playing valjean - he's an awesome singer ... so far i'm not too depressed by the cast they've chosen..but ye...ann hathaway?
    def agree about enjolras - it HAS to be ramin karimloo!!! too bad alfie boe isn't playing valjean - saw him in london - incredible.
    Dunno who i want to play marius - but i know i don't want it to be daniel radcliffe! wouldn't be surprised though!