Friday, September 9, 2011

A Realistic Miserable Rant

Okay, so my mom made a really good point. She basically told me to get over it and accept the fact that there's only going to be 'big' stars in this film. So here's my ideal cast with that in mind:

Jean Valjean: I'm still gonna say Alfie Boe. He's HUGE in Britain so he qualifies.

Javert: Hugh Jackman
You're welcome.

Thenardier: Geoffrey Rush

Madame Thenardier: Helena Bonham Carter

Fantine: Kate Winslet or Gwyneth Paltrow

Marius: Jim Sturgess

Enjolras: Patrick Wilson (might be a little old)

Eponine: What's-her-bucket from Glee...because you know it's gonna happen.

Bishop: Colm Wilkinson (No, he's not a 'big' star, but this isn't a 'big' role. Since he originated Valjean it just seems appropriate he have some sort of cameo.)

And while we're at it, could we get Alan Rickman in there? He could be one of the guards that shouts/sings to the students behind the barricade. Or little Gavroche. Rickman can do anything, don't deny it.


  1. Oooh Hugh Jackman. "I like can I touch." And I second the Alan Rickman motion.

  2. I think this second cast you listed is a bit more realistic. And thank you for that picture of Hugh Jackman. I think my mouth is still hanging is.

  3. If you were the casting agent for this moving I would say Bravo! and then I would definitely see the movie!